Sock Puppet Cosplay

Don Juan Quixote

Don Juan Quixote is a socksy puppet of the somewhat holy sort. He hails from an illustrious line of tube socks, some of whom have enjoyed an intimate association with the soles of various heroes (medieval-themed or otherwise), but most of whom have tumbled through Life in more pedestrian endeavors. When he is not raiding the laundry hamper in an epic quest to locate his better half, he enjoys composing lengthy footnotes about anapestic romantic poetry in all of its different varieties.

Barkikus de Snifficus

Barkikus de Snifficus is Don Juan Quixote’s somewhat trusty steed. The two met on and have enjoyed an odoriferous relationship ever since.

First Annual ISSM Sock Puppet Costume Party

Saturday, November 13, 2020
7:30 – 9:00 pm (EST)

In the spirit of the Masque of the Red Death, join the illustrious Don Juan Quixote and his somewhat trusty steed, Barkikus de Snifficus, for a festive autumn evening of medieval-themed puppet nonsense.

Make a sock puppet in the graven, arts-and-crafts image of your favorite medieval character, author, playwright, composer, post-modern French theorist—whosoever or whatsoever your heart desires. Show up to regale the maddening crowd with Canterbury Tales of your misdeeds, grand or otherwise!

Or come as you are to heckle and be heckled! The festivities will last until the last puppet has spoken or until the clock in the red room chimes midnight!