Storyboarding Workshop

Dr. Carol L. Robinson is an Associate professor of English at Kent State University at Trumbull. Robinson researches how European medieval ideologies, are manipulated in film and video games.

Dr. Lauryn Mayer is a Professor of English at Washington and Jefferson College. She has published work on medieval manuscript culture and medievalism. Her current project is working on neo-Arthurian graphic novels. 

Storyboarding Against MedEVILish Oppression:
A Video Game Workshop

Friday, November 13, 2020
1:00 – 2:15 pm (EST)

It is time for those of us who understand the medieval and the nature(s) of medievalism(s) to fight back against the oppressive motifs of white male violence in medievalist fantasy video games by writing ideas of our own. Participants will require laptops for the Zoom workshop, and pens, markers, paper, and the like for storyboard creation. We will provide instructions for basic video game storyboarding and scripting techniques. Two short lessons in storyboarding and scripting will be provided, as well as a demonstration of the possibilities (including one created by the workshop leaders), and then participants will be asked to try their own hands at the task.